• There is no fall ball today.     With the rain overnight and expected rain during the morning, we will replace practices during the week with games.  
    We will post a schedule of this later this weekend.    

There's an App for that!!

Methuen Youth Baseball now has its own application in the Google Play store.

Search for Methuen Baseball to download our free portal into our web site, Facebook, Twitter accounts and more! Get updates as they happen!

Also - with the messaging feature - we can send Push Notifications to remind you of events and rainout information!

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Fall Registration Now CLOSED

Click Fall Link in Menu Line for Rosters/Schedules

IN SEASON PRACTICE TIMES:  Practices start on SEPT 15th

Note:  If you cannot make your assigned night we can work with you on accomodating you on one of the other nights.

Age - Night - Time - locations for practices will be annonced on a weekly basis.  

6-8 - Fridays   5:30-7

9/10 - Monday 5:30 - 7

13/14 - Monday 7-8:30

11/12 - Wednesday - 5:30-7

16-18 - Wednesday - 7-8:30


Note:  Methuen Fall Ball is no longer affiliated with the program sponsored by Play Ball in Salem, NH.

The focus of this year’s fall program is based on increased levels of instruction, not only in the practices, but also during the games, with the goal of improving:

  • overall skills
  • knowledge of the game

We hope that with more coaching throughout the process, our players, no matter what their level, will improve their skills and enjoyment of the game.


Features of this new program include:

  • Evaluation process to determine skill levels within the 7-9 and 10-12 age brackets in addition to the 13 and 14-15 brackets.
  • Teams will be formed based on these evaluations.
  • Games on Saturday - as we have typically done in the past - however this time a RippCity Field General will be there to guide the players during the playing of the game.  This will ensure that kids are put into the best position and learn how to improve their overall in-game skills.
  • Weekday practices will not be team based - but will be done 'academy style' - meaning that skill levels will work together regardless of team and kids will rotate through various skill drill stations.
  • An option to add a Wednesday night game will be available to those who are interested.
  • The High School level - ages 16-18 - should contact RippCity directly as this program is outside of the program that Methuen Youth Baseball is helping to administer.


  • $120 for ages 7-15 for standard program
    • $150 for ages 7-12 including the Wednesday night game option
  • Note:  There is no Wed night option for ages 13-15
  • Note:  If you are of high school age and want to sign up for the full high school preparation program - regardless of what HS you will or are attending - please contact RippCity directly.  If you are of ages 16-17 and want to play recreational fall ball with instruction, then please register through the youth league.

Programs runs through the first weekend in November

Cal Ripken Schedule

Congratulations to Our Champions!


  • American League Champion Bulls
  • National League Champion Storm


  • American League Champion Indians
  • National League Champion Cubs


  • American League Champion Astros
  • National League Champion Cardinals
  • CITY CHAMPION - Cardinals

Major League Champions - Orioles

Junior League Champion - Cardinals

Senior B Champion - Giants

Senior A Champion - Pirates


District Level Success!

  • Methuen 9U White wins District!
    • They move on to the State Tournament July 18 in Winchester!


  • Methuen 10U Finishes Second in the State!
    • After struggling in District Play - Methuen surprised everyone by working their way to the championship round!


  • Methuen 12U 50/70 White MAKES HISTORY!!!
    • To top it all off - our first ever entry into the 50/70 tournament WON THE STATE!
    • They now represent Eastern Mass in the Regional Tournament in Dover NH starting 7/18!!

Methuen Ranger Academy 

Tryout Dates for Season 2 Announced

Methuen Ranger Academy is entering its second year as a new and unique entry in the AAU market!  

It is an organization that is supported by Methuen High School Baseball coaches, works with Methuen Youth Baseball for scheduling, provides an overall offering that cannot be met by any other facility.  

This program is endorsed by Methuen Youth Baseball.


We completed our first season garnering some tremendous feedback from the parents and players!  We hope to build on that and invite you to join and be part of this tremendous opportunity!


**Note - we added a 14 year old level**

 We will be holding a MAKEUP tryout for ALL AGES (next year 9's through 14)

 Saturday - September 6 at Veteran's Park

 Ages 9/10 -- 2-3:30

 Ages 11/12 - 3:30-5

 Ages 13/14 - 12:30-2

Unlike other programs - there is NO TRYOUT fee for Ranger Academy!


We recognize that one way to build solid citizenship in our youth is to play for your town, to represent the place you live in and the people around you.  Methuen Ranger Academy is about representing METHUEN!

It is run by coaches who grew out of the Methuen youth system, who played ball for this town and who coach in this town.  They know what it means to represent the city you live in.  In the end, much time is donated by them in order to spend time with the players who hope one day to play for them - and in return - hope to develop them into players who can play at a high school level - regardless of which school they choose.

Our Goals:

·     To develop well-rounded student-athletes.

·     To develop players with solid fundamentals at multiple positions in order to become a well-rounded player with a deeper understanding of the game.

·     To provide a high-quality AAU experience, with high quality coaching at an affordable price.

·     To enhance, not replace, the overall baseball experience in Methuen, from the youth program up to their high school opportunities.

Our Philosophy:

·     Respect the game at all times and respect the team and uniform for each team you play for.

·     We do not select teams that will always play together – we select teams that will learn together.

·     Experience the game through various avenues in order to grow as a player and a person.

Why Methuen Ranger Academy:

This organization was formed to offer parents and youth in Methuen an alternative:  

to be able to play for your town AND get an AAU experience and coaching at a significantly reduced cost.  

This organization will coordinate directly with Methuen Youth Baseball to enhance the in-town experience, where memories are made, so that players can enjoy and experience the pride of representing their city at all times.

(Some have asked about the divisions we play in.  Ranger Academy selects divisions that provide us the maximum flexibility to enable us to work schedules with Methuen Youth Baseball so that a player can do both:  compete in his own city - with friends and classmates  - - and acquire an AAU experience).

The name was selected because it IS about this city, our kids, our families and building a program that the city can be proud of and a team name they can relate to:  Methuen.

What’s Different?

The experience is an AAU program that will play against AAU teams.  Players will receive instruction throughout the winter months.  But, instead of looking at a list of coaches on a brochure that most teams never see, each team will receive, on a regular basis, direct instruction from coaches on Methuen High School’s coaching staff in addition to coaches who have been in and around the games for years at the high school, college and semi-professional level.  

The Ranger Academy staff are COACHES.  All have experience in coaching at the high school level or higher.  Our philosophy is that just because you played the game, doesn't mean you can teach the game.  We bring in staff who work hard on the craft of coaching and have done so at a high school level or higher.

Each week, each team will receive pitching, hitting, fielding or catching instruction directly by the MHS coaching staff.  The managers of the teams will be working in direct coordination with them to deliver instruction in a consistent fashion that will lead into the HS program and its instruction.  And if your son does not go to MHS, but some other school, we’d love to see more Methuen kids in the starting nine of local schools.

Methuen Ranger Academy - - Play for Your Town!


Methuen Ranger Academy announces our 

Junior Ranger Program for ages 6-8.  

This is a developmental program focused on the needs of those just starting out in baseball.  

Kickoff for this program will be in September, 2014!! 

Ranger Academy:

Play for Your Town



Survey Results
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